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Well Bin 1717
WELL Bin 1717 Shiraz, is more like a shy and young lady whose blossom time is yet to come. You cannot deny her smell of youth but addict to her delicacy.
Well Bin 1962
WELL Bin 1962 Shiraz is made from the grapes produced in Heathcote. The elegancy, gentleness and a little bit of wildness would bring you everlasting aftertaste.
Well Bin 1989
Cabernet Sauvignon
WELL Bin 1989 is a kind of Cabernet Sauvignon produced in Yarra Valley. Compared to above two, this wine is such a gentleman with decent luxury and replete connotation.

Welcome to Wellington Vineyards

As it is known by the world, Melbourne, this gorgeous city located in Victoria, Australia, has wandering roads towards its wine paradise. The wine brewed here tastes just like the music you would play along the driving on these roads. It can be elegant, romantic, or impetuous, blossomy……

We are delighted to introduce you the WELL collection including Well Bin 1717, Well Bin1989, Well Bin 1962 proudly presented by Wellington Vineyard. This collection is exclusively generated by Sergio in a retro way returning back to tradition. He carefully discovered every aspect of grape planting such as soil, direction, altitude and weather. This geographic concern is considered amazingly similar to Feng Shui theory in Chinese culture. Also, the taste combination between the “old” and the “new” Sergio aimed to is analogous to the “harmony” emphasised by Confucius. This brilliant invention distinguishes WELL collection and brings it a new life.

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