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As it is known by the world, Melbourne, this gorgeous city located in Victoria, Australia, has wandering roads towards its wine paradise. The wine brewed here tastes just like the music you would play along the driving on these roads. It can be elegant, romantic, or impetuous, blossomy……

In Victoria, Yarra Valley and Heathcote are the places mostly mentioned when talking about red wine especially the Shiraz. It has been assessed by the leading American wine critic Robert Parker as a full mark. The assessment can prove nothing but his crazy love in the Shiraz produced in Victoria. Many people would compare the Shiraz from Barossa Valley in South Australia. There is no doubt they have the oldest Shiraz existing which were planted in 1843. However, the global warming effects change the conditions because Victoria has won growing attention due to its unique geography, sunshine, soil and weather.

Sergio Carlei would be the first person we would like to mention about Yarra valley. He is the owner of Carlei Estate and Carlei Green Vineyard that Wellington Vineyard in Yarra Valley belongs to. Carlei Estate, founded in 1990, is a winery recognised by its organic and bio-energy features. There are a dozen of wineries belonging to it and they are all located in different areas. As one of the second generation of Italy migrants, the owner Sergio Carlei has learnt from his grandfather, Calabria, who helped him to construct his own brewing philosophy.


Let’s present more about Sergio Carlei. The Australian Wine Annual rates ten most influential wineries annually. In 2007, there were unprecedentedly four out of ten wineries featured the name of Sergio Carlei.

James Halliday, a most respected Australian competent taster, has admired Sergio saying he has the “Midas Touch”. From 2005 to 2014, all wineries Sergio consulted for have won the top ranking “Red Five Stars” in Australia. To make it more unbelievable, the “Red Five Stars” is exclusively for the top wineries which are only 6% of all wineries. Sergio devoted himself so much to the wine industry all over world. He consults for wineries as far as those in Xinjiang, China.

You cannot ignore his distinct brewing technology if you want to know why he earns all this reputation. Despite of the planting method beneficial from bio-energy, he conducts to use natural ways to avoid unnecessary interruption. To use natural yeast, original whole fruit, less clarification and less filtration, he manages to indelibly label every kind of wine with its local conditions, environment and nature. This technique perfectly integrate the “old-school” and “new generation”.

We are delighted to introduce you the WELL collection including Well Bin 1717, Well Bin1989, Well Bin 1962 proudly presented by Wellington Vineyard. This collection is exclusively generated by Sergio in a retro way returning back to tradition. He carefully discovered every aspect of grape planting such as soil, direction, altitude and weather. This geographic concern is considered amazingly similar to Feng Shui theory in Chinese culture. Also, the taste combination between the “old” and the “new” Sergio aimed to is analogous to the “harmony” emphasised by Confucius. This brilliant invention distinguishes WELL collection and brings it a new life.

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