WELL Bin 1989 is a kind of Cabernet Sauvignon produced in Yarra Valley. Compared to above two, this wine is such a gentleman with decent luxury and replete connotation. If you would understand a gentleman like this, you understand this wine. The same as 1962, WELL Bin 1989 is also limit edition with a few thousands bottles production.


WELL Bin 1962 Shiraz is made from the grapes produced in Heathcote. The elegancy, gentleness and a little bit of wildness would bring you everlasting aftertaste. This type of shiraz is limit edition that only a few thousands bottles are produced every year. If you want to know why Robert Parker falls in love with Australian Shiraz crazily, you will want to try this one.


WELL Bin 1717 Shiraz, is more like a shy and young lady whose blossom time is yet to come. You cannot deny her smell of youth but addict to her delicacy.

WELL Bin 1962 Shiraz Heathcote and WELL Bin 1989 Cabernet Sauvignon Yarra Valley is considered as important as life to Sergio Carlei. He introduces handmade wax sealing technique to their packaging so that the wine lovers can appreciate them and collect them in a more convenient way.

Scent tells woman, but we would say wine tells man. When you taste WELL collection, we hope we have brought you the feeling of wine tradition as well as the harmony theory we inherit.

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